的 总统建设性对话倡议 focuses on how 的 Pitzer community 和 beyond can talk constructively about challenging issues. 

This initiative 和 its organizing committee will be dedicated to fostering a culture of open 和 constructive dialogue on campus 和 beyond, based on 的 following initial goals 和 objectives:

  • 促进建设性对话: Organize events 和 workshops to enhance communication skills, active listening, 和 empathy. Create brave spaces for open discussions on sensitive topics.
  • 促进包容性: Develop 项目 that embrace diversity 和 inclusivity, 确保学生的有效参与, 教师, 和工作人员.
  • 全院合作: 与实地小组合作, 学生组织, 和 administrative areas to integrate new dialogue initiatives with existing 项目. Collaborate with 教师 to incorporate elements into curricula.
  • 评估并获得反馈: Establish a system for ongoing assessment 和 feedback to measure 的 impact of 的 initiative. Regularly review 和 adapt 项目 based on findings.
  • 以成功为基础: Develop a communications strategy to raise awareness about 的 importance of constructive dialogue on campus 和 的 initiative itself. Showcase success stories 和 positive outcomes resulting from 项目 和 的 initiative.

Read more about 的 initiative from 斯特罗姆·C. 塞克尔给匹泽社区的信息.



Panel discussion featuring Pitzer 教师, staff, 和 students involved with 的 Inside-Out program. Formerly incarcerated graduates of Pitzer’s Pathway-to-BA program, 当前的“外部”学生, 和 教师 will talk about listening 和 learning from each o的r across differences, 和 how this may be applied to 的 classroom 和 campus community at Pitzer.

Reception hosted by 的 Constructive Dialogues Organizing Committee (CDOC) in Stein Atrium immediately following 的 program. Come meet 和 talk to members of 的 CDOC to hear plans 和 share ideas for future 项目.


筛选 & 讨论: 小石城的理发师

A special screening of 的 2024 Academy Award-nominated short film, 小石城的理发师, was followed by a discussion with co-director John Hoffman 和 的 titular barber himself, 奥尔罗华盛顿. 本次活动是由 梅尔文L. 奥利弗种族正义倡议.


小石城的理发师 explores America’s widening racial wealth gap through 的 story of 奥尔罗华盛顿, a local barber whose visionary approach to a just economy can be found in 的 mission of People Trust, 他创立的非营利性社区银行. Experiencing 的 effects of generational poverty 和 structural racism firsth和, 阿乐了解他的家乡小石城, Arkansas 和 的 profound mistrust of financial institutions that have historically excluded his community from financial stability 和 economic mobility. Operating as 的 sole bank within a ten-mile radius, Arlo’s People Trust fosters economic progress for underserved 和 underbanked residents, providing an economic beacon of hope that could reshape 的 future of banking.

这部电影是…的一部分 纽约客纪录片系列, a showcase for important short films from around 的 world, 和 is available on 的 magazine’s digital channels.

John Hoffman co-directed 的 film with Christine Turner. 霍夫曼也是一位著名的制片人 《推荐十大正规网赌网站》(2020)《推荐十大正规网赌网站》(1994) 和 阿尔茨海默氏症项目(2009)在其他电影中.


斯特罗姆·C. Thacker moderated a conversation between 萨拉姆" 和 Daniel Sokatch, who have collaborated at o的r events on dialogues about Palestine 和 Israel. 请阅读有关此次对话的新闻报道 或者在下面查看完整的讨论:


presidential initiative on constructive dialogues speaker 萨拉姆

萨拉姆" is president 和 co-founder of 的 Los Angeles-based Muslim Public Affairs Council. 他是研究西方伊斯兰教的专家, 穆斯林改革运动, 人权, 民主, 国家安全, 中东政治. He has spoken at 的 White House 和 onCapitol Hill 和 has represented 的 U.S. at inter国家 人权 和 religious freedom conferences. 他的作品已经出版 in 《推荐十大正规网赌网站》, Wall Street Journal, 华盛顿邮报》,和 洛杉矶时报.

丹尼尔Sokatch 是新以色列基金的首席执行官,著有《? 我们能谈谈以色列吗? 好奇、困惑和矛盾的指南美国国家犹太图书奖(National Jewish Book Award)的决赛选手. 的 NIF is an organization with joint Jewish-Palestinian leadership whose work includes supporting Palestinians in Israel, 人权 groups monitoring 和 defending 人权 in 的 occupied territories, 和更多的. Daniel此前曾担任 的 犹太社区联合会, 湾区和索诺玛县,和 was founding Executive Director of 的 Progressive Jewish Alliance (now 弯曲弧线)他被任命为  向前 newspaper’s annual list of fifty leading Jewish decision-makers 和 opinion-shapers 和 has contributed to 《推荐十大正规网赌网站》华盛顿邮报》《推荐十大正规网赌网站》所述, 和其他人.

Anna Malaika Tubbs: 三个母亲

Have you ever thought about 的 contribution of moThers in shaping our nation in 的 face of patriarchy? Did your K-12 history books give a nuanced underst和ing of 的 Civil Rights Movement? We unpacked 的se questions 和更多的 in 的 first installment of 的 总统建设性对话倡议, 以作家, 组织者和教育家Anna Malaika Tubbs.

Tubbs discussed her work with Interim Vice President for Student Affairs 和 Dean of Students Jan Barker Alex和er 和 Bee Joyner ’24, who asked Tubbs about how she told American history through Black women’s eyes. 他们的谈话是推荐十大正规网赌网站的第一部分 总统建设性对话倡议 是由 梅尔文L. 奥利弗种族正义倡议.

Read our story recapping 的 event 和 learn more about how 的 moThers of MLK Jr.马尔科姆·艾克斯和詹姆斯·鲍德温塑造了我们的国家.